How long are visits?

A naturopathic initial visit will often consist of a detailed look into your health and can take up to 90 mins. This time will allow me to dive deep into your health concerns and understand what your goals are to develop a treatment plan for your unique needs.

Further visits can be 30-60 minutes depending on the nature of the visit.

What treatments do you offer?

You can expect to have a discussion of what treatments would be best for you. These treatments may include supplements, acupuncture, botanical medicine, hydrotherapy, nutritional recommendations, and lifestyle changes to name a few. All recommended treatments will be tailored to your specific needs. 

I am also certified in Facial Rejuvenation and Cosmetic Acupuncture, which many find helpful to revitalize and maintain healthy skin and beauty from within.

What happens during my first visit?

You can expect a thorough discussion of your health concerns, a whole body assessment, past medical history, and family history. Your social and work life will also be included in this discussion as they also contribute to your health. Understanding all factors in your life will help a Naturopathic Doctor understand the root causes of your illness. If necessary, lab work will be ordered as well.